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Red Wine Moderation

Ditch Tobacco and Drink Moderately

Cigarette smoking is the head of the list because it is such a very common habit for probably billions of people from around the globe. Even if there are terrifying warnings about the outcomes that are real when continuing to smoke, still majority of smokers are unshakeable in their habits. The same is true with alcohol. However, a moderate drinking of red wine is fine and it has been proven through various clinical trials that drinking a glass of wine a few times each week can in fact help improve health of the heart. This is the reason I  don’t want to eliminate alcohol totally as it is helpful to health when consumed appropriately.

It’s a different story, however, when it comes go cigarette smoking. Whether you smoke one stick a day or pack a day, still you’re accumulating those thousands of carcinogenics that contain within the tobacco. Even filtered cigarettes are no exception. Hence, quit smoking if you’re a smoker. There are numerous ways to quit plus support groups are available in most countries and online to help you get over it. It’s just a mater of decision. And, if you decide to quit for good, that can be the best gift you can give to yourself and your body.

Real Foods

Eat Healthy and Aim To Eating Real Foods

Our modern advancements in every way allow us to expand to anything we want. Among these are the development within the food industry to produce many foods that are processed with numerous ingredients including preservatives. This is the reason many fast foods have been sprouting everywhere specially on populous places like malls and universities. However, there is a serious toll eating processed foods in the long run. Doctors like Andrew Weil, Mercola, and Stephen Sinatra are among the advocates of eating real foods and avoid processed foods as it can cause inflammation resulting to illness including high-blood pressure and heart problems.

I’m sure some of you who are reading this right now may have a can or bottle of soda in your table. And, that soda is full of sugar even it says diet. Drink water instead or pure coconut water. These are no miracle beverages but they’re much healthier to consume rather than canned or bottled sodas. As for eating, aim to eat real foods like whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. Even if you avoid man-made sugars totally like the sugars used in cakes and sweeteners, you can still get sugars from fruits.

Yoga and Meditation

Exercise For Mind and Body Wellness and Spiritual Connection

Apart from eating healthy and avoiding the cigarettes, maintaining a an physical lifestyle is a must. A gym is not a requirement to workout as it can be done at home or even outdoors by running, jogging, or playing rigorous sports equivalent to cardiovascular workouts.

Moreover, having a personal time with ourselves is simply a must and amazing experience. What I’m talking about is quieting the mind or quiet time with yourself. This seem simple, but quieting the mind is actually of the most difficult thing to achieve specially if you’re just beginning. However, solutions like meditation can lead to quieting the mind a lot easier in the long run. Also, practicing Yoga is also another healthy effort. Both Yoga and meditation are practiced by the early civilizations in the East particularly India and China. It has been proven helpful, and our modern science is beginning to understand its effectiveness on health and wellness.

While there are numerous other amazing health and wellness, these three mentioned tends to be the major ones and all other fall under each of this category.

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